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Media Quotes

"We will be attending all The Very Popular Theatre Company shows in the future!."

Stuart Greene, State Theatre

"This was a sensational production of Chess and, not surprisingly, the short season quickly sold out.  I’ve seen several productions of Chess and this is my favourite version. This quality production would not have looked out of place on any professional stage in Melbourne or Sydney, and The Very Popular Theatre Company have indeed set a very high bar for future productions."

Allison Hilbig, Theatre People

"There’s certainly no shortage of energy in the musical stylings of Chess. From synth-based pop numbers reminiscent of ABBA’s work through to grandiose, sweeping ballads, there’s a universal appeal to the music that will have theatregoers engrossed from start to finish. "

Clare Bradshaw, In Touch Magazine

"This spectacular concert edition of the musical burst onto the stage of Newcastle’s beautiful Civic Theatre...The aptly named Very Popular Theatre Company produced the goods in this pro-am production. Invited guest professionals Silvie Paladino as Florence Vassy, and David Harris as Russian master Anatoly Sergievsky were in fine voice – with Silvie rattling the chandeliers during her arias."

David Spicer, Stage Whispers

"Absolutely blown away... Silvie lifted the roof off the Civic Theatre, it's an incredible and powerful production"

Paul Lobb, NBN

Audience Quotes

"Well worth the trip up from Sydney."

Kimberley Morris

"What a triumph!"

Natasha Rusterholz Schaad

"Absolutely world class!"

Leanne Cunneen

"Looking forward to coming back and experiencing more from Very Popular."

Jane Stewart

"I had tingles just being back in a theatre that was full with an appreciative audience and spectacular cast." - Mark Hewitt

"It was so good we had to see it twice."

Mark Creek

"Marty Worrall is always a standout for me."

Brian Eveleigh


Pavel Victorovich

"Stand out moment...Reprise of Anthem, Silvie literally made my heart skip a beat."

Tayla Weber

"So proud of live theatre in Newcastle. Silvie has the voice of an angel."

Shirley Creek

"I see a lot of shows around the world and your version of Chess would not be out of place on London's West End."

Gerhard Engleitner

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